What is the Tracy Anderson Diet?

What is the Tracy Anderson Diet?

The Tracy Anderson Diet is a meal plan created by a fitness guru of the same name. Anderson is considered to be a “trainer for the stars” because of her client base of Hollywood actors, musicians and personalities. Despite the trainer’s impressive resume, the Tracy Anderson diet has drawn a lot of attention, both for its effectiveness and extremity. While many dieters say they’ve experienced weight loss, experts are concerned about this meal plan’s safety.

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How Does the Tracy Anderson Diet Work?

The diet is a 3-month eating plan. It is divided into what is called the “nutrient boost week” and the “body reset week”. There is a unique menu for each week and dieters should alternate between these two weeks for 90 days. In other words, week 1 would be a nutrient boost week, week 2 will be body reset, week 3 is nutrient boost week again and so forth.

The Nutrient Boost Week

According to the Tracy Anderson diet, the nutrient week boost is all about pumping your body with as many nutrients as possible. These nutrients are derived mainly from vegetables and fruits. Dieters are also advised to make the foods soft in order for the body to digest them easily. This means that foods should be pureed or consumed in liquid form. Green smoothies and fruit juices are recommended.

During nutrient boost week, you don’t have to count calories. You are allowed to eat and blend as much fresh produce as you want. The diet claims that by filling your system with nutrients, the weight loss process will kick in and eliminate toxins from the body at the same time.

The Body Reset Week

Body reset week is all about protein. While you can still eat vegetables in this phase, protein-rich foods take center stage. Foods like chicken, fish, beef, turkey, eggs and legumes are highly encouraged during this week. Ideally, you should keep to three meals a day and supplement with veggies to keep you feeling full. The Tracy Anderson diet focuses on protein because it helps to control appetite and helps in maintaining weight.

Does the Tracy Anderson Diet Work?

There have been some reports of weight loss with this diet. Many dieters lose an average of 3 pounds every nutrient boost week. Because the diet can also be combined with a workout plan, some lose even more weight than the average 3 pounds. How much you lose depends largely on your starting weight.

Is the Tracy Anderson Diet Safe?

The jury is still out on whether the meal plan is safe or not. Some experts argue that the dietary changes are extreme and can lead to health complications. The Tracy Anderson diet is also a VLCD (very-low calorie diet), which means dieters only consume between 500 and 1000 calories a day. An extremely low caloric intake can produce harmful side effects, especially if you have a history of medical conditions.

It is not hard to see why the Tracy Anderson diet is generating a lot of media attention. Not only is it the brainchild of a famous fitness guru, it also has an unusual meal plan. If you’re interested in following this diet, take a moment to consult your doctor. Low-calorie diets can be harmful and there are many safe weight loss methods that are just as effective.


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