Utan Bisaya Recipe

Utan Bisaya Recipe
Utan Bisaya Recipe

10 stalks “Malunggay” leaves
10 stalks “Alogbati”
1 pc eggplant
6 pcs okra
1 pc “sikwa” (big)
6 pcs string beans
300 grams yellow squash
3 pcs gabi (small)
Lemon grass ( 3 leaves)
Spring onions ( 2 heads)
1 pc tomato
Msg (optional)
Fried fish (optional)

*Put water (around 1000 ml) in the casserole and bring it to boil.
*Put Gabi first, and when soft, add the following in order: squash, eggplant, stringbeans, okra, sikwa, lemon grass, and spices, salt.
*After a while, add the alogbati and malunggay.
*Being leafy and easy to cook, the last 2 are dropped last.
*Served while still hot.

malungay health benefits
Malunggay Leaves
Scientific name: Moringa oelifera
Malunggay leaves was once considered a “poor man’s vegetables” but now it is known as a “miracle tree” or “nature’s medicine cabinet” by scientists and health care workers from around the world because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals that can be an effective remedy against many kinds of ailments.
All parts of the malunggay tree are usable for nutritional and medicinal purposes – from the roots, trunk, and branches to the leaves, flowers, and seeds. The small, oval, dark-green leaves are famous vegetable ingredient in soup, fish and chicken dishes.
The leaves can actually be eaten raw, but best added in meals due to its high concentration of nutrients. The roots is used to make tea, while the trunk, after it’s scraped and squeezed for its juice is used to clean wounds.

Health Benefits:
Malunggay leaves helps strengthens the immune system.
Malunggay can help restores skin condition, controls blood pressure, relieves headaches and migraines.
Malunggay tea can help strengthen the eye muscles.
Malunggay tea can help heal inflammation of the joints and tendons.
Malunggay tea can prevent intestinal worms.
Malunggay can help increase semen count.
Malunggay help normalize blood sugar level therefore preventing diabetes.
Malunggay has anti-cancer compounds (phytochemicals) that help stop the growth of cancer cells.
Malunggay helps relax and promotes good night sleep.
Malunggay tea is used to treat fever and asthma.
Malunggay help heals ulcers.
Malunggay is high in calcium (four times the calcium in milk), therefore lactating mothers are advised to consume malunggay leaves to produce more milk for their babies. The young malunggay leaves are also boiled and taken as tea.
Malunggay contains three times the potassium in bananas.
Malunggay contain four times the vitamin A in carrots.
An ounce of malunggay has the same Vitamin C content as seven oranges.
Malunggay leaves contain two times the protein in milk.
Malunggay seed is used to clean dirty or polluted water.

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