Pancit Molo Ilonggo Recipe

Pancit Molo Ilonggo Recipe
Pancit Molo Ilonggo Recipe

Pancit Molo is more of a household specialty and the recipe varies from household to household. From the meat filling mix to the soup, there could be a hundred and one ways of making pancit molo.

Pancit Molo Filling
I suggest to make this days before the actual cooking of pancit molo so that the flavours will be full.

1 kilo Ground pork
1/2 cup cup minced Garlic
1/4 cup chopped kusay, sibuyas na mura (Take note: kinchay is different)
2 pcs Tahure, salted soy bean cubes (It’s like salt/soy sauce cured tofu)
Soy Sauce

*In a bowl, combine ground pork, garlic, kusay and tahure. Mix well. Check out this blogpost for tips.
*Season with a bit of salt, pepper nd soy sauce.
*In a pan with heated oil, take a take portion of filling mix and fry. This will be your taste test – if the fried patty gets your thumbs up, then you can store the whole mix.
*Divide the mix into 1/4 or 1/3 portions and wrapped in plastic for convenience
*Store in the freezer for future use.

Aside from making a soup, you can also fry these meat mixture like a patty and become an instant ulam.

Pancit Molo Balls
*Make pancit molo balls using the meat mix and a Pancit Molo (wonton) wrapper. You can get this from wet markets or groceries. Outside the Philippines, it will be most likely found in Asian stores .
*To wrap, place a small portion of the meat mix in one corner (quadrant) of the molo wrapper.
*Take the corner and fold the wrapper towards the center tucking it under the meat forming a triangle with a wide base
*Take the two sides of the wrap and fold it towards the center.Check out this photo. But be sure that your ball looks like a bishop’s mitre or head gear like this.
*Use water or egg white to “fasten” and secure the wrapped molo balls.

You can also deep fry these balls for a crunch Pancit Molo balls!
Pancit Molo Soup
Pancit Molo Balls
Chicken breast, shredded
Chicken broth and/or chicken broth cubes
Shrimps, shelled
Garlic, minced
Onions, sliced

*In a heated pan, place oil the fry garlic until crunchy. Set aside half for toppings.
*Add onions, chicken breast and shrimps. I usually make pancit molo soup with lots chicken.
*Season with salt and pepper.
*Add chicken broth and or shrimp broth (Place shrimps shells in a strainer and then mash it in a bowl of hot water to bring out the flavour). Adjust flavour using broth cubes and more salt/pepper. But remember the balls will also give more flavour to the broth once added.
*Add pancit molo balls and let it boil for 3-5 minutes. Or until the balls start to float.
*Remove from heat and transfer in a bowl.
*Garnish with fried garlic and chopped kusay.

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