List of Culinary Schools in Maryland

List of Culinary Schools in Maryland

Searching for a List of Culinary Schools in Maryland? Earning a chef’s jacket, stepping into a managerial position or owning a restaurant is a dream for many culinary students. The first step to achieving these goals is getting an education. Fortunately, culinary schools in Maryland have the resources and facilities to help you build the culinary career you’ve always wanted.

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Students with high school diplomas and GEDs stand a better chance of being admitted into culinary schools. Transcripts are often required to complete the application process. If you cannot meet admission criteria, consider attending a technical high school or acquiring work experience to improve your chances.

Types of Certification

Statistics show that students with Bachelor and Associate degrees enjoy more employment opportunities. However, earning a Certificate in a specific skill can also give you a good start, provided you are willing to continue your education. Regardless of the type of program you choose, make sure it offers both theoretical and applied training.

Studying Online

If you don’t have the time or the financial resources to study on campus, choosing to study online may be the best option. Keep in mind that some online programs require applicants to have prior work experience or certification from trade associations.

List of Culinary Schools in Maryland

The Maryland culinary scene is innovative, diverse and robust. Many visitors travel to the state from around the world to attend its seafood and beer festivals. Students who come to study in this region can expect world-class culinary schools and abundant career opportunities after graduation.

University of Maryland

Students accepted into the University of Maryland can obtain their training from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. The campus has a department of Nutrition and Food Science that offers certification in food safety.

Courses include food safety basics, food service management and a module for becoming a “magnet for clients”. The program is a collaborative effort between the university and Meals on Wheels to train students who want to qualify for health inspector and nutritionist posts.

L’ Academie de Cuisine

L’ Academie de Cuisine, also known as LADC, is a private school for budding chefs. Students have the opportunity to learn from renowned instructors and practice culinary techniques in one of the best kitchens in the state.

The entire program is only a year but offers extensive training in three phases. Two thirds of the curriculum is dedicated to a combination of kitchen and classroom studies, while the other third is reserved for rigorous training through apprenticeships and internships at local fine dining restaurants.

This boutique academy is proud to be rated as one of top culinary schools in Maryland. Its graduates are not only professional chefs but include notable food critics, caterers and instructors. Students receive 26 weeks of kitchen training for skill development.

Anne Arundel Community College

Culinary students at the Anne Arundel Community College can learn culinary essentials through Associate of Applied Science degrees and Certificate programs. The school prioritizes hands-on learning to ensure students have the skillset to make it in the industry.

Degree options include Baking and Pastry, Culinary Arts and Hospitality Business Management. The curriculums emphasize cooking production techniques, kitchen equipment and technology, and menu planning. Hospitality courses aim to develop managerial skills needed to run hotels and restaurants.

Aspiring health inspectors can apply for certification in food sanitation. The program is also ideal for prep workers, line cooks and anyone who works in a kitchen environment. Courses train students on preventing food-borne illnesses, safety, and sanitation and hazard analysis.

Allegheny College of Maryland

The ACM Culinary Arts program earns students an Associate degree in Applied Science. Its comprehensive curriculum aims to prepare students for every type of position in the culinary industry. From cooking to cost control, there is no area this program does not cover.

Students who want to blend culinary arts with healthcare can apply for the Dietary Manager Certificate program. Courses educate learners on how to create menus according to dietary restrictions, how to manage staff and supervise operations performed at different establishments.

College of Southern Maryland

Every hospitality establishment needs a manager and the College of Southern Maryland helps train them. Introduction to Hospitality Management is one of the courses offered at this school and it is designed to help students understand what running a restaurant, hotel, casino kitchen and other eateries entails.

In addition to introducing students to various positions in the industry, the program also aims to develop professionalism, a good work ethic and communication skills needed to manage a team. Guest speakers are often invited to share their expertise and students get a taste of life in the culinary world through insightful field trips.

Frederick Community College

Realizing the demand of entry-level employees in the food service industry, the Frederick Community College has added a division for culinary arts. Their A.A.S degree and Certificate curriculums are designed to fit a range of courses into short programs so students can acquire many skills in a short space of time.

Programs provide an introduction into both Culinary Arts and Baking and Pastry. Other courses include Food Preparation, International Cuisine, A la Carte Cooking, Garde Manger and Culinary Nutrition. Business, Management and Accounting classes are also form part of the curriculum.

Howard Community College

Howard Community College prefers a traditional approach to culinary education. The school lays an academic foundation through classroom teaching and concludes the program with on-campus practical training for job competency.

Programs are split into two categories: Culinary Management, and Professional Baking and Pastries. Culinary Management students get training on how to produce food that meets set standards. Courses are intended to improve management and business skills.

Those who decide to join the Professional Baking and Pastries program can expect lessons in food handling, service and management. The Certificate curriculum delves into different baking techniques as well as safety and sanitation practices.

Lincoln Technical

The Lincoln Technical Institute helps culinary students to become confident and competent chefs, restaurant managers and owners, bakers, prep workers and dietary managers. The school provides Associate degrees in Culinary Arts and Certificates in Columbia, Maryland.

Culinary students are promised a memorable learning experience that includes sampling different cuisines, learning new techniques and becoming efficient operators in the kitchen. Courses offers also cover wines and beverages, menu creation and dining room supervision.

Montgomery College

To see what Montgomery College has to offer, students can search for relevant culinary programs in the school’s catalog. The next step would be to choose a curriculum that speaks to your career goals. Programs offered include Associate degrees in Food and Beverage Management, Hospitality Management and Supervision and Event Planning.

Programs are divided into four semesters, each with an area of focus. A typical program begins with an introduction to the hospitality industry and explores the role of a manager in depth. Although cooking is not the main focus, students do get the opportunity to work in labs for hands-on training.

Wor-Wic Community College

Whether you are new to the food service industry or need to update your skillset, programs offered at the Wor-Wic Community College can help you along your chosen career path. You have a choice between culinary training and the Hotel-Motel-Restaurant program.

The culinary program focuses on the basic operations of a food service facility. This includes sanitation, food preparation and inventory management. The Hotel-Motel-Restaurant program covers all aspects of running a hospitality establishment through courses in accounting, purchasing and marketing.

Morgan State University

Morgan State University strives to provide a fun learning environment with a serious focus on education. Its Hospitality Management Degree Program is business-oriented and educates students on how to be resourceful managers of all types of establishments.

The university has another division specially dedicated to students interested in Nutritional Sciences. Although the program does not train chefs, it does provide a nutritional background needed to work in hospital cafeterias and kitchens of healthcare centers.

Stratford University

Stratford University has one of the broadest selections of programs compared to other culinary schools in Maryland. It is an institution where students can find Bachelor degrees, Associate degrees and Certificates in one school. The level of training you want is completely up to you.

The Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Management covers a range of topics. Students can go from learning about law, sales and marketing one semester to baking, cooking and preparing hors d’oeuvres the next. It is this combination of management and culinary arts that makes it a winning program.

Students can also choose programs according to specific skills. Chefs-in-training can narrow their academic focus by applying for the Advanced Culinary Arts Program. Aspiring managers and restaurateurs can opt for Hotel and Restaurant Management and Pastry Chefs can learn how to bake professionally through the Baking and Pastry Arts program.

Prince George’s Community College

Are you looking for credit-based programs that can help you get into culinary schools in Maryland? You can find the courses you need at Prince George’s Community College. Their Department of Social Sciences and Business offer both traditional and short courses in Hospitality and Culinary Arts.

You can receive Letters of Recognition proving that you have completed courses in Food, Hospitality and Events Management. Credits can be used to apply for a Culinary Arts degree in any accredited institute, college or university.

The main goal of the Food Service Management curriculum is to train students in the basics of food production and equip you with baking skills. Hospitality and Event Management courses are about the day-to-day operations of hospitality businesses and how to apply certain skills to plan catering events.

Community College of Baltimore County

The Community College of Baltimore County caters to culinary novices as well as seasoned professionals. There are certificate programs that provide basic culinary skills and those intended for experienced chefs in need of advanced cooking lessons.

The Culinary Basic Training Certificate can register and attend classes at Catonsville High School and in Parkville. The Continuing Culinary Training Program is available at Perry Hall High School. Venues and dates are subject to change so students need to check website to book classes.

Available courses also include Culinary Foundation I, II and III, Culinary Travel Series for studying cuisines and Culinary Job-Readiness Training to make sure graduates know how to maximize their resumes to secure employment.

Chesapeake Culinary Center

Although the Chesapeake Culinary Center offers cooking lessons to the public, it is a great place to pick up new techniques from a pro. This non-profit organization has been employing and training culinary students for years.

Because the center also provides catering services in the local community, students can volunteer to gain valuable work experience and references. You can book lessons with one of the school’s professional chefs or offer a helping hand at their next event.

The Kitchen Studio

If you need help perfecting your cooking skills, you can book lessons with the Kitchen Studio to practice different techniques. Classes are not accredited but offer an unforgettable learning experience for students at all levels of expertise.

Learn how to make perfectly-wrapped sushi, whip up Italian classics or become a grill master. Joining classes will give you much-needed practice and provide the training to be extra efficient in a professional kitchen.

Web Cooking Classes

Have time between classes? You can put the skills you have acquired so far to practice with Web Cooking Classes. This mini online academy has made media waves in recent years and offers free videos to learn techniques at homes.

Chef Todd’s famous 6-minute classes can improve your efficiency and quality of cooking. Knowing how to work quickly without dropping industry standards is essential in every kitchen, especially for those employed by fast-food franchises and high-volume production establishments.

Le Cordon Bleu Online

If studying online is convenient but you need a program that carries more weight, Le Cordon Bleu Online is a good choice. The respected institute offers Bachelor and Associate degrees in Culinary Operations, Hospitality and Restaurant Management. Students receive educational support from the faculty and can complete exams online to earn certification.

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