How to Make Chocolate Mousse

How to Make Chocolate Mousse

If you’re craving something sweet to tantalize your palate, learning how to make chocolate mousse might be the solution. Not only is this popular dessert sinfully easy to make, you can play around with different flavors to discover your perfect recipe. You can also add fresh fruit and nuts if you want to give this sweet treat a nutritional kick.

Chocolate Mousse

Choosing Your Chocolate Mousse Ingredients

The flavor of chocolate mousse is mostly derived from the kind of chocolate you choose. Those conscious of their weight and health prefer dark chocolate mousse. Not only is dark chocolate rich in disease-fighting antioxidants, it also gives a thick consistency to mousse. Milk chocolate, on the other hand, is used for lighter, airy mousse and tastes just as delicious. White chocolate is also big on taste but is heavier on calories.

How to Make Chocolate Mousse at Home

Before you start learning how to make chocolate mousse, you have to decide on the consistency that is ideal for you. Although traditional mousse is made using egg whites, you can replace them with whipped cream for a thicker version. To make enough chocolate mousse for a party of 6, you will need:

  • 1 cup or 8 ounces of chocolate, dark or milk
  • 5 medium eggs
  • 6 ½ tablespoons caster sugar
  • 12 tablespoons or 6 ounces butter

Step 1:

The first step to making chocolate mousse is melting the chocolate. This can be done in a double boiler. You need add an inch or two of water in the bottom section of the boiler and the chocolate pieces at the top. Place the boiler on very low heat and give the chocolate a few minutes to melt. Keep stirring it while it melts to get rid of any lumps. Remove from heat and set aside.

Step 2:

Prepare the egg whites by separating them from the yolk. Once separated, combine the yolks with the caster sugar in a bowl. Leave a couple of tablespoons of caster sugar for later use.

Step 3:

Add butter in a pan and melt it on low heat. When butter is completely melted, but not browned, stir it into the melted chocolate. Douse it with a tablespoon of water if the consistency is too thick.

Step 4:

In a new bowl, combine egg whites with the remaining tablespoons of caster sugar. When the mixture becomes fluffy, slowly add it to the chocolate-butter mixture.

Step 5:

Scoop the chocolate mousse into small cups and add fruit, nuts or toppings of your choice. Serve and enjoy.

How to Make Chocolate Mousse Cooking Tips

If you’re mousse-fan but dread the calories, you can make it healthier by choosing low-fat, low-sugar variations of ingredients. Swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate to receive an antioxidant boost. Another great health tip is to use free-range eggs, unsalted butter and a little less sugar. Instead of using whipped cream to make mousse thicker, try adding pureed fruit. Chocolate mousse tastes best with berries, cherries, cocoa powder and crème fraiche.

How to Make Chocolate Mousse

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