How to Become a Corporate Chef

How to Become a Corporate Chef

One of the most sought after jobs in the culinary industry is that of a corporate chef. These chefs are well-compensated for the variety of skills they bring to an establishment. Chef, inspector and brand manager in one, the corporate chef is a leader of a dynamic industry.

duties of a corporate chef

Duties of a Corporate Chef

With a higher salary comes plenty of responsibilities. The corporate chef juggles various duties on a day-to-day basis to ensure restaurants are functioning at their best. Chefs also have responsibilities outside of the kitchen that involve brand managing and budget planning.

Kitchen Duties

Corporate chefs supervise kitchen staff. They are put in charge of making sure that restaurant chains live up to set standards. From monitoring the cleanliness of a kitchen to resolving staff conflicts, these chefs work hard to promote synergy, safety and productivity of kitchens.

Budget Planning

For an eatery to be profitable, expenses need to minimized as much as possible without compromising quality. It is the job of a corporate chef to look for ways of cutting costs. This can be done by finding cheaper suppliers, recruiting quality staff and using creative, cost-effective advertising.

Brand Managing

In addition to managing staff and financial resources, corporate chefs need to ensure the restaurant brand is upheld. Menus need to be updated to keep up with trends, marketing needs to be targeted at the right audience and restaurants need to communicate the same brand image.

Promotional Events

Now and then, corporate chefs organize and host events to promote restaurants. Events include food tastings, cooking contests and specials. This is especially important if a brand wants to reinvest itself, launch a product or attract a new market.


The purpose of managing a brand is to increase profit and encourage commercial growth. The corporate chef should keep the bottom line in mind daily and collaborate with the marketing team to increase revenue.

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Corporate Chef Training Requirements

Corporate chefs need to know how to run a kitchen, which is why most are executive chefs. Extensive culinary training and experience are pre-requisites for this post. Many chefs hold a Bachelor’s or Associate degree from an accredited culinary institute.

In order to manage a brand, chefs also need a certificate or degree in marketing, advertising or related discipline. Knowing how to communicate brand messages through different media platforms is essential for capturing the right target market.

Qualities of a Good Corporate Chefs

Coordinating staff members and efforts takes leadership. Aspiring corporate chefs should be able to exert authority when needed and be approachable if staff members need assistance. He or she also needs to be a creative thinker, doing all that it takes to make sure the brand is well-positioned in the market.

Corporate Chef Salary and Requirements

As a corporate chef, you can earn between $42 000 and $72 000 per annum. Salary increases with the scope of responsibility and expertise. It also depends on the number and success of restaurants in a chain. The more establishments a chef supervises, the higher the compensation.


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