When should you boil milk in a new house?

Hindu tradition has us boiling milk on our new stove in an open pot until it boils over the sides. This symbolizes the abundance of prosperity and food which will bless the new home.

Can we shift house before boiling milk?

Yes, home owners can sleep in the new house before the official puja. Why do we boil milk during housewarming? Boiling of milk symbolises abundance of prosperity and food, which will bless the new home.

Which day is good for shifting to a new house?

Griha Pravesh days and dates in 2020

Dates & Days Star & Nakshatra Timing
18th May (Monday) Uttara Bhadrapada 05:32 to 15:07
23rd May (Saturday) Rohini 24:16+ to 29:29+
15th June (Monday) Revathi 05:27 to 27:17+
16th November (Monday) Anuradha 07:05 to 14:36

Which month is good for house warming?

Chaitra is always a safe month to plan Griha Pravesh 2021. These four dates in March are ideal Mahurats for a warm welcome at your new home.

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How can we do Griha Pravesh in new house?

How to perform the griha pravesh pooja

  1. Decorate the main gate with flowers and draw a rangoli in front of it.
  2. Fill a pot with pure water or ganga jal, place a coconut in it and draw swastika sign on it.
  3. After performing the puja, take the kalash in your hand and enter the house when the sun is shining.


Why do you boil milk in new house?

Hindu tradition has us boiling milk on our new stove in an open pot until it boils over the sides. This symbolizes the abundance of prosperity and food which will bless the new home. After it has boiled over and you offer some to the deities of your choice, serve the milk with a bit of sugar to the guests in your home.

Why do people boil milk during house warming?

At the time of “griha pravesh pooja” the first thing we do in gas stove is to boil the milk and let it spill. This is done in such a way that milk is spilled in the east direction. According to vaastu shastra east direction is considered auspicious and it brings luck, prosperity, peace and good health.

What is the first thing to do when moving into a new house?

Soon, you’ll finally be ready to sit back, pop open the champagne, and celebrate your new house.

  • Do a Walkthrough. …
  • Child/Pet Proof (if Necessary) …
  • Figure Out What’s Going Where. …
  • Make Sure That Your Utilities Are Set Up. …
  • Locate the Fuse Box and Water Valve. …
  • Do a Deep Clean. …
  • Prioritize Repairs. …
  • Change Your Locks.
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Is Tuesday good for house shifting?

Tuesday is not an auspicious day for housewarming or entering into a new home. Except for Amavasya and Purnima, dates of Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashami, Ekadashi, and Troydashi are considered as auspicious days for Griha Pravesh (housewarming event).

Which Nakshatra is good for house shifting?

Here are the auspicious stars for griha pravesh as per Hindu astrology texts are: Rohini Mrigasira – Makayiram Uttara Phalguni – Uthram Chitra – Chithirai Anuradha – Anusham or Anizham Pushya – Pooyam Uttarashada – Uthradam Dhanishta – Avittam Satabhisha – Chathayam Uttarabhadra – Uthra.

Which Nakshatra is good for housewarming?

Read on to know the Griha Pravesh Nakshatra, shubh date, and tithi in the year 2021. According to Astrologer Pandit Sujeet Ji Maharaj, the Uttar Bhadrapad, Uttar Phalguni, Uttarshadha, Rohini, Margashira, Chitra and Anuradha Nakshatra are ideal for organising the ceremony.

Can we shift furniture before Griha Pravesh?

The home should be fully constructed before the Griha Pravesh commences. All windows, doors and roof portions should be complete. Make sure that you do not shift any furniture items into the home apart from the stove/cooking gas hob until the completion of the Vaastu pooja.

Can we sleep in the new house before a Griha Pravesh ceremony?

Of course you can sleep there. In construction stage also workers use to stay/sleep there. Grih Pravesh is part of our tradtion but not compulsorily of Vastu. Infact change of colour of Vastu energy fields do take place after Grih Pravesh.

Which month is good for Griha Pravesh in 2020?

Griha Pravesh dates in November 2020, Kartik

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November is the holiest month for Griha Pravesh ceremony. There are plenty of mahurats in the month of November that can be chosen for the housewarming ceremony. The first mahurat in Kartik falls on November 16, 2019.

Is Griha Pravesh necessary for rented house?

Is griha pravesh necessary for rented house? Griha Pravesh is an auspicious ceremony which is good to have while taking up a rented house. Though it is not necessary, but it’s good to have a Havan or Yajna to activate the energies of the house and keep them energised.