Bicolano Kusidong Isda Recipe,and C-health Benefits

Bicolano Kusidong Isda Recipe,and C-health BenefitsKusidong Isda

Kusidong Isda (Bicolano Kusidong Isda Recipe)
Kusido” is a regional dish very much enjoyed by Bicolanos in the Philippines. This is very easy to prepare.

1 Betilla fish (White Snapper) or any fish of your choice
1 bunch mustasa (mustard greens)
2 pcs eggplant (cut diagonal about 1 inch thick)
3 med. tomatoes ( diced)
2 cloves garlic
1 onion
ginger (thumbsized) – peeled and sliced thinly
1/8 cup calamansi juice
2 siling haba (finger chilis)
fish sauce
5 cups water

> Clean the fish and remove its scale. You may cut the fish to your desired size, or just leave it whole. Drain. Set aside.
> In a saucepan, saute ginger, onions, garlic and tomatoes in oil over medium heat. Then add water. Boil.
Add the fish, fish sauce (to taste), calamansi juice, eggplant and siling haba. Cover for 2-3 mins.
Then add the mustasa. Simmer for 2 mins. Serve! This is good for 5 servings.

>To prevent eggplant from darkening when sliced, soak it in cold water. Let it sit , then drain when ready to use.
>You may use camote tops(sweet potato leaves) or kangkong(water spinach) instead of the mustard greens.

Bicolano Kusidong

Calamansi Juice Health Benefits

Calamansi It is extremely beneficial for the body as it eliminate the toxins that result to a faster weight loss. It is also perfect vitamin rich in citrus fruits enhanced your beauty and bringing glow on your face.

Warm lemon water, a perfect morning drink, as it assists the digestive system and made the process easier in eliminating waste products from the body. Lime Juice is considered beneficial in the treatment of digestive disorders. Aside from that, taking Calamansi Juice first thing in the morning could add a great value in constipation.

It has been said, drinking Calamansi Juice increases the body’s resistance to disease, prevents eye disorder and aids the healing of wounds. It also prevents tooth decay, bleeding of gums and loosening of teeth due to its vitamin C content which helps in maintaining the health of the teeth.

A lot of people enjoy drinking Calamansi Juice while some believes, that is only a refreshing drink. Definitely, it is a refreshing drink.

Skin Bleaching Agent
Serves as body cleanser
Use as body deodorant
Lightens dark area of the body like armpits and elbows
Lightens freckles
Good as Mouthwash
Cure coughs and expel the phlegm
Helpful in dealing with a Hangover
Prevent and Cure Osteoarthritis
Maintains Kidney Health
Great tonic for the Liver
Prevent Diabetes
Lighten Urine Color
Lowers blood cholesterol

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