How much do Honey Baked Ham employees make?

Does Honey Baked Ham pay weekly?

Seasonal employees are paid bi weekly on Friday’s with a paper check.

How much does Honey Baked Ham pay an hour?

The Honey Baked Ham Company Salaries

Job Title Salary
Sales Associate salaries – 26 salaries reported $10/hr
Store Supervisor salaries – 8 salaries reported $13/hr
Cashier salaries – 7 salaries reported $9/hr
Crew Member salaries – 6 salaries reported $10/hr

How much do you get paid at HoneyBaked?

Average Honey Baked Ham Co. LLC hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.93 per hour for Cashier to $15.19 per hour for Inventory Specialist. The average Honey Baked Ham Co. LLC salary ranges from approximately $15,000 per year for Customer Service Associate / Cashier to $33,928 per year for Store Manager.

How much is a 7 lb HoneyBaked Ham?

Honey Baked Ham is known for providing the world’s best ham and it has been that way for over five decades.

Honey Baked Ham Prices.

Item Price
7 – 7.99 lb. Honey Baked Ham $67.99
HoneyBaked Smoked Turkey Breast $35.00
HoneyBaked Roasted Turkey Breast $35.00

Is Honey Baked Ham a good place to work?

The most valuable job with great attributions and benefits! I love working at The Honey Baked Ham Co. Most valuable and hard working colleges I’ve been around, fast paced and enjoyable! Easy yet challenging on a day to day quota, an experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

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Does Honey Baked Ham do background checks?

Does The HoneyBaked Ham Company Drug Test? Drug screenings and background checks may be conducted prior to hiring a new employee. It is unclear if ongoing and/or random drug testing is conducted throughout employment.

How many will a 5 pound ham feed?

According to the Honey Baked Ham Company, experts in ham if there ever were any, you’ll want to allow about 1/2 pound of ham per person.

How Much Boneless Ham do you Need?

Number of People Amount of Boneless Ham
4 – 6 2 – 3 lbs
6 – 8 3 – 4 lbs
8 – 10 4 – 5 lbs
10 – 12 5 – 6 lbs

Is bone in ham better than boneless?

BONELESS HAM – A boneless ham is easier to slice. … BONE-IN HAM – Just like chicken, a bone-in ham has more flavor because the bone itself imparts flavor into the meat. Plus, you definitely want the bone for later, to make soup or ham stock or our family favorite, Ham & Beans!

What is the best spiral ham to buy?

Our winner: HoneyBaked, which was flavorful and consistently moist and tender. The Ratings give details from taste tests in which our experts sampled three hams per brand.